Picture House Announces TV Tank TV Concealing Aquarium (18/5/2012)

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Picture House Announces TV Tank TV Concealing Aquarium (18/5/2012) 

Give your sitting room the ‘wow’ factor with the TV tank from Picture House – the world’s first TV concealing aquarium – now you see it, now you don’t!

The TV is hidden inside a fully working aquarium, complete with heater, lights and water filter. Press the remote and the TV automatically lifts to viewing height; press it again and it magically disappears. The TV switches off automatically to save power. There are no messy wires and cables, as they are hidden from view.

Award-winning inventor and furniture designer David Free, who runs Picture House and presents TV programme “The Great British Woodshop” on Discovery Shed, says “The TV tank is one of the innovative devices that Picture House prides itself on. It means the TV doesn’t dominate the room. The cabinet is made from high gloss acrylic (parapan) and the TV is completely isolated from the wet area. There is also storage space for the water filter, fish food and home cinema equipment. There is an opening at the top for maintaining the aquarium and feeding the fish.”

The TV tank can take up to 50in TVs, while other finishes and colours are available. There is a three year guarantee on the lifting equipment. Bespoke sizes are available for smaller or larger rooms. Prices start from £7,000.

The TV tank is a follow on from Picture House’s TV fireplaces, where the TV is hidden inside an elegant, fully working fireplace, which emits 2kW of heat. Picture House’s ‘TV Fireplaces’ are environmentally-friendly as the TV is turned off when it is not in use and automatically turns on when it is raised up. This means the TV is not on standby and does not consume any power unless it is being watched, thereby reducing the household power consumption.

Designs include the Corvado and Valenza. A range of different electric flame effect fires are available so the fireplace can be fitted with the fire of your choice. Prices start from £3,000.


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