Furniture In Fashion Announces Exclusive Living Room Settings

June 15, 2012 | By More
  •  Furniture In Fashion Announces Exclusive Living Room Settings

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Living Room Settings

(PRWEB UK) 14 June 2012

Till now, the company has been working on increasing the product lines with products ranging from wall art, lamps, and tables to fancy living room furniture and bed room furniture. With the eventual success and increase in demand, FurnitureInFashion now offers an exclusive and customized service of living room settings where it provides a complete solution for modern living comprising of every essential item for a living room.

FurnitureInFashion has been very successful with the initial living room settings which has encouraged the company to expand its settings services and is now offering living room settings comprising of varying styles, colors and material as well.

For solving the interior décor complications, FurnitureInFashion is offering exclusive settings including Freestyle living room settings, Monza living room settings, Cool room settings and other Living room settings. The most successful living room settings launched by FurnitureInFashion has been of Monza range. Many interior designers have bought this range for their clients because of its very unique composition in terms of colors, items and style. The Monza range provides a complete solution for a modern living room.

It provides a stunning fusion of different unique and contemporary Italian design concepts with authentic and reliable German manufacturing processes. By using this combination, the company has been able to create ultimate custom furniture for customers. FurnitureInFashion by providing these settings for living room has reduced the need for hiring interior designers as these settings provide a complete solution for home. This setting can be fused along with other products in the living room for ultimate ambience.

FurnitureinFashion brings the most extravagant and classic living room settings, dining table and chairs, the Freestyle living room. The Freestyle range comes in various fusions and styles and provides a complete living room experience. The Freestyle white range of living room furniture is contemporary entertainment furniture. The units in this range can be doubled or tripled by creating ultra long units. Every unit is available in white color and is designed to fuse with existing contemporary style of living. Another range available in Freestyle comprises of walnut components and units which give a very classy and contemporary look to living room. FurnitureinFashion has been very successful with these settings as they curtail the need for a tedious task of buying living room items and complementing them with each other to develop a perfect ambience.

Another very invigorating addition FurnitureInFashion has made to its settings by introducing a Torino Acacia range for living room. Acacia wood is a complex processed wood which gives a very unique character to living room décor. The high quality brushed finish surface, touchwood, warm gray-brown color and amazing design features makes this range a fully assembled and real highlight in any home at all. Cool h-gloss white along with walnut units is another very unique and contemporary living room setting introduced by the company. It is a blend of contemporary components for a living room along with a classic and traditional look with walnut range. The different units can be doubled or tripled to design the living room.

These living room settings range comprise of every equipment and item which is required in any ideal living room. These settings are available at very competitive prices and are uniquely manufactured in Germany. FurnitureInFashion believes in innovation and customization. For this reason, there is a never ending range of settings available for customers as per the requirements. The company has been able to manufacture settings by keeping in mind the latest trends in the fashion world which is why they settle and merge so well with the modern contemporary houses.

 Furniture In Fashion Announces Exclusive Living Room Settings




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