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Cheryll Gillespie

Special to QMI Agency

The fabulous Rock House team and I were busy this week creating a new space for a prominent, uptown real estate office.

As the design came together, with a textural palette of reclaimed brick, glass, stained cedar, alligator, stainless steel and concrete, the wow factor came from the open beam ceiling painted out with pure white, the sleek white leather furniture and opaque white glass walls.

Many designers and homeowners are afraid to use white in their designs – it will feel cold, it’s sterile, it’s not appropriate for four seasons, it will be too difficult to keep clean.

All of these myths keep us from using white as our punch colour, but it is time to shatter these myths.

With respect to maintenance – and I am all over this personally as I live with a pig, three dogs (plus a couple of rescues that are always in our foster care), fish, a cat and a husband – I choose the right place to use white and the right materials.

For example, I have a white leather sofa. Leather is durable and easy to clean; in fact, it is much more forgiving than fabric upholstery.

Whether it’s a drop of red wine or a paw print, it wipes right off.

In my kitchen, my cabinets are a mixture of fluted and flat white high-gloss doors set into concrete gables.

The white doors are easy to keep clean with a kitchen cloth.

To keep white from feeling too cold and impersonal, simply use white in a variety of fabulous textures.

Texture will create as much drama as colour and rough, raw textures create a casual feel. The most interesting spaces always mix rough, raw textures with sleek, shiny and smooth textures for optimal visual stimulation. White after Labour Day? Absolutely! Think of the sexy white snow bunnies at your favourite ski resort. It’s back to textures again. Rough, raw textures will keep your whites feeling warm.

You can and should change things up as the seasons change. For example, you may put a sisal carpet on the living room floor during the summer months and then replace it with a faux sheepskin or long white shag during the cooler months. Both carpets look great with my white leather sofa, stone coffee table and distressed walnut floors.

White is on trend for home fashion and looks sophisticated and stylish with a multitude of architectural and decorating styles. From traditional to contemporary, white is fresh, stylish and fabulous.

Look for great opaque white glass panels and tiles to use on walls, white leather furniture, oversized resin vases and planters, white linen, silk or grass wallpapers, piano lacquer tables and accents and sexy white carpets.

Stay white on trend and bring some white home.

This and that

Fill a glass water pitcher with fresh fruit and spring water and keep it in the fridge for a healthy, stylish summer drink that looks great and is even better for you.


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